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Lust For Cake

Isadora Scott I am a qualified cake decorator with 20 years experience in the business. Decorating cakes is my passion, from wedding cakes to children’s cakes. I have special skills to make any sort of design that will suit your needs. I am running a home-based business in a very friendly environment and I am happy to answer your enquiry regarding cake making and design. From my experience, I can share with you all my skills through my cake decorating classes (group and/or private) that will suit your time. For any enquiry do not hesitate to call me on (+613) 9795 9298 or mobile 0413561241 or email us at Our business is mainly focused on cake making, decorating, supplies, accessories and equipments. Cake is made to order only. We need 2-3 weeks notice for wedding cakes and probably 3-4 days notice for children’s cake.